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If you're like me, you've faced the unique frustration and embarrassment of PCOS facial hair. It's one of PCOS's most difficult symptoms and can be tough to manage.

I'm Amber, a certified nutritionist (CNS), and I've been where you are. I understand the challenges firsthand, and I'm here to guide you through the steps and phases of managing your PCOS facial hair and hirsutism through food and lifestyle change. 

That's what Facial Hair Freedom is all about!

What You'll Gain in Facial Hair Freedom:

  • Holistic Approach: Dive into the world of functional nutrition tailored specifically for PCOS, as I share my expertise in overcoming facial hair challenges.

  • Expert Guidance: I'm not just a nutritionist; I'm your companion in this journey. Learn from someone who understands the science and the struggle.

  • Practical Strategies: Receive actionable, science-backed strategies that I've personally found effective in managing PCOS symptoms, including facial hair.

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In Facial Hair Freedom, I'll Teach You The Four Phases of Managing PCOS Facial Hair:

  1. Phase One: Detoxification and Metabolism

    • Your body has to clear out old hormones when it's done with them.  We call this "hormone metabolism" or "detoxification"- this process is often impaired in PCOS so I'll teach you strategies to help. 

  2. Phase Two: Binding Androgens and Reducing Conversion

    • Our hormones convert into other hormones and certain foods and supplements can help slow, block, or reduce the conversion of hormones into facial hair triggering ones!

  3. Phase Three: Slowing the Flow of Androgens

    • We can't get very far until we address the foundational issues that drive our bodies to make too many androgens (like testosterone!) in the first place.  The PCOS root cause issues of insulin resistance, inflammation, and adrenal dysfunction are keys we must address too!

  4. Phase Four: Making It Work for Your Lifestyle

    • I always jam pack my courses with a lot of info but I want you to be able to make it fit into your real life.  I'll give you my best strategies and tips for incorporating these changes. 

Additional Course Highlights:

  • Understand Supplements: We'll explore the role of therapeutic supplements and how they can be supportive pieces of the facial hair freedom puzzle.

  • PCOS Root Causes Resources: I'll provide you with lots of extras on ways to help address your facial hair with root cause focused techniques.  We won't just treat the symptoms, we will go to the source!

  • Meal Templates and More: Explore practical meal templates and additional resources to help make these changes more feasible to real life!

  • Learn at your own pace: Each of us starts from a different place in our PCOS journey.  You'll have lifetime access to this course so you can feel free to finish the modules as quickly or slowly as you need!

Why Facial Hair Freedom?

  • Proven Results: In clinical practice since 2015, my approach has helped many, many women like us manage PCOS symptoms, including facial hair.

  • Empowerment: I'm not just a guide; I'm proof that PCOS doesn't have to take over your life.  You can manage your facial hair and other PCOS symptoms with targeted nutrition strategies and lifestyle changes. 

  • Lifetime Access: Enjoy lifetime access to this course and any updates.

Here's What's Included!

  • Video Modules covering each PCOS facial hair phase in depth

  • Meal Templates, Resources, and Ideas for each module, to make this work with real life.

  • Lifetime Access to the course and any updates

  • Access to my therapeutic-grade supplement dispensary and detailed information on the right supplements for PCOS facial hair

  • Learn at your own pace setup- you take however long you need to integrate the information

Take a Sneak Peak at the Course!

    1. Start here

    2. Intro to the Course

    3. Welcome Slides

    1. Androgens- Where Facial Hair Comes From, part one

    2. PCOS Root Causes- Where Facial Hair Comes From part two

    3. Root Cause Quiz

    4. Labs

    5. Where Facial Hair Comes From Slides

    6. Where Facial Hair Comes From Pt 2 Slides

    1. Detoxification and Metabolism of Hormones- Phase One

    2. Fiber Sources

    3. Phase 1 Slides

    1. Stopping Androgen Conversion- Phase 2

    2. Food Macro List

    3. Phase 2 Slides

    1. Phase 3: Slowing the Flow of Androgens

    2. PCOS Friendly Snacks

    3. Sleep Hygiene & Bedtime Routine

    4. PCOS Plate

    5. Phase 3 Slides

    1. Supplements for Facial Hair

    2. Supplement Dispensary

    3. Supplements Slides

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Your Instructor

Amber Fischer

Amber Fischer is a Certified Nutrition Specialist and Licensed Dietitian Nutritionist with a Master's Degree in Integrative and Functional Nutrition. She has been a private practice nutritionist specializing in PCOS and women's health issues since 2015 and creates online content and courses to help you improve your health with PCOS.

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  • Why do I have facial hair with PCOS?

    PCOS facial hair happens because too many androgens ("male" hormones) like testosterone are made in the PCOS body. This leads to more conversion to a hormone called dihydrotestosterone (DHT) which is actually responsible for triggering hair follicles. In this course, I'll teach you about why we make too many androgens in PCOS, what those androgens are, where they come from, and what to do.

  • Will this course cure my facial hair?

    I wish it were that simple! PCOS facial hair is complex and the reasons we have it can vary. I'll tell you about all of this in the course. Once hair follicles are "turned on" or "androgenized", it is hard to turn them off. What this course will teach you are strategies to stop the spread of facial hair and slow its growth, we will also discuss more permanent solutions for removal. Some people may experience complete remission of facial hair and some may not. A lot will depend on your unique body, hormones, genetics, and your ability to be consistent with PCOS lifestyle changes.

  • Will this course ask me to remove foods from my diet?

    I won't ask you to remove any food from your diet. This course is not recommending any particular diet like "low carb" or "keto" but is instead focusing on a set of healthy eating principles designed for PCOS. You'll learn what foods may be triggering your facial hair or worsening it and what foods might help reduce it or slow it. I'll teach you the right balance of all of these things so you can still enjoy the foods you love!

  • Will this course help my other PCOS symptoms?

    Yes! Your facial hair is just one symptom of PCOS that comes from the same sources as your other symptoms. When we have excess androgens, we also have other PCOS symptoms like excess weight gain and irregular periods. Working on facial hair has a bonus, it helps these other symptoms too!

  • Are there refunds if I don't like the course?

    There are no refunds on courses once purchased. However, if you have a unique circumstance, you can email [email protected] for support.

  • What if I can't access my course or have technical trouble?

    First try contacting Thinkific, they are the hosts of this course. My team is able to reset passwords and do minor technical help if you need it as well, [email protected]

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